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RCI Music Promotion, Inc.
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RCI - The Key To Getting Your Music Heard
We are a music promotion company servicing radio stations on a national level. Radio airplay for clients products, music distribution, cd marketing on applicable product.
As many record labels know, the key to selling a product to a wholesaler, distributor or other retail outlet is getting the product first heard on radio. The problem most independent labels and new artists run into is not being able to get the music exposed to the public, or by getting it played over the radio stations. One of the most important things a label must understand is, all radio stations do not play new product, and will not until it has made the national charts. We must ask at this point "how does the product get to the charts if we cannot get it played?"
The most common way music is charted is by selecting those certain radio stations who are affiliated with a trade publication and servicing them with a copy of your product. This is by all conventional means the simplest way to do it. Then on the other hand, all though the idea is simple, there are just too many labels trying to do this same thing at the same time. The result is your new product and artist may fall along side an empty shelf and never be exposed. Major record companies use much promotion and sometimes hype in order to obtain radio station attention. And this is something that we know first hand, since we work on such product every week.
We select all of the product that we work on very carefully. The better the product, the better the chance we will have in helping your label, and your product to make the chart and sell copies.
Your first step is to send us a copy of your product, so that we may evaluate it and consider it for promotional purposes. In the event we accept the material we will issue you a contract which will outline all the steps taken to successfully market your material