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RCI Music Promotion, Inc.
Music Promotion at it's best.
Started in 1967 as a radio promotion company with a product released to the mass market radio stations. At that time there were only a quarter of the radio stations in the United States that there are now. It was a customary procedure to release products by mailing them out to radio stations first at that time. It was also much easier for an independent label to make any of the national music charts. During this time frame the record charts mainly consisted of the records that were reported to the trade magazine in a certain order of rotation and number. It was quite common to find that the actual airplay and the chart number was not in alliance with each other. But the end result that was always pushed for, was getting the product played over the air and not as much attention to the actual chart number of the product. After all, a product cannot sell because of a chart number, but will sell if it can be heard and seen by potential music buyers.

Another common problem that still exists is how independents fail at getting their products in the stores. We have always concentrated on this particular fact. Our method of subjecting the product to proper radio station and music director attention was only one area. We also perform the same task for the product on the marketing and distribution end. In the past twenty five years the amount of music outlets for recorded music has more than doubled in this country. And one would believe that this would make it a little easier to exploit your product. Actually it has made it more difficult, and more confusing for independents who are limited to the staff of promotional people they can afford to hire per project.

We have always believed that more is not only better but more challenging and could prove to be more effective and profitable in the long run.

As always we are still looking for the very best material possible to promote and market. If you are finishing up a recording, video or both, we would be happy to review your material at this time