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FM radio airplay requires you to have a recording that is commercially acceptable (as good or better) than what is currently out there. This includes but does not limit your production to great quality in production and technology.
The first thing your promotion team will do is let you know about this and base their decision to work with you on this. If you do not get this type of evaluation you should be careful about your choices in selecting compatible marketing people. Your choice of who you select to do your marketing and promotion can effect the amount of radio airplay your project receives. That includes how quickly radio will add your music to the playlist and how long they will play it in the long run. Projects that quickly evolve into good radio airplay will need extended marketing on the product, both currently and in the future.
We will begin a radio promotion campaign for your work after we evaluate your material, and if it meets the criteria we have mentioned.
We contact Music Directors on a national level who are associated with the music industry and we register music with BDS, Mediabase, CMJ to mention an important few. These are organizations who we have contacted and in many cases met many times. This proceeds on a weekly basis depending upon the arrangements we make with our clients up front.
Our music promotion services include weekly tracking to the client on their project. We service radio stations (some) who require hard copy CD, which we manufacture at our expense and we service stations with a download of the clients music as well. Some genres include, Top 40, Urban Hip Hop, AC, Rock, AAA, College, Country, Gospel radio promotions.