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Music Promotion at it's best.

  1. How much of a budget have you for music promotion?

If you are considering radio promotion on your expensive studio master, be sure to have a good sized budget set aside. Today a BDS, Mediabase radio campaign will cost every bit of $4,000 for about 10 weeks of promotion to secondary radio stations regardless of how good or commercial your product may be. Be prepared to receive lots of offers from those telling you that you have the next top hit just to charge you a fee.Set your sights on experienced marketing & promotion people who have done this many times before. You may not get another chance to do this.

  1. Where will you start the promotion?

Promotion to radio usually starts with stations willing to play new music from new artists and then progresses to the next level. We can help you get such stations to consider and play your product. This has been our business for many years and we are very good at this.
3. Who will coordinate your project for accuracy.
The most important part of your campaign is the coordination and how to apply this to your product. You will need weekly tracking reports on where your project is playing or being considered for airplay. You may also have to appear at certain locations to help promote your music to radio. Doing radio interviews will also help, and the promotion company should be willing to set this up for you.
It is always a good idea to have a booking agent working with you to utilize your appearances in live performances. This is a very smart way to help your project get started in a given area. If you have CDs you may consider selling them at functions that you're playing at. This is a great way to help finance your project. Your booker should be aware of new artists frustrations and should have some ways for you to showcase your talents. The more radio airplay you are getting at the time the more you can expect your audience to be in a more friendly mood.
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