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FM Radio Airplay is what music is played on today. AM Radio is not as popular as it once was for music but still prevails with talk radio and secondary music stations. Our radio campaigns will cover this type of radio also but mainly will cover FM radio for music radio airplay.

We use a variety of marketing tactics to decide where your music project will be best suited. This includes various test areas that may accept and play the music right away. College radio is a good tool for bands that are releasing new music and need markets to test the air.

Commercial radio offers new artists and products less of a chance to get their music heard. It can be quite an effort in finding stations that will help in playing new music regardless on how commercial it is. Where you can help is if you have a group or band that plays live, tours and copulas club dates.
Our promotional radio airplay campaigns include the distribution of your music to all of the necessary spots to create a maximum amount of exposure. This includes weekly contacts with music and program directors who sit in the driver seat of obtaining radio airplay. While we consider radio to be a great way to expose new product it is not the only way.

Other formats of promotion today are video, YouTube and Internet promotion which can actually enhance your radio promotion camapign. So traditionally speaking exposure of the product is the key to the success of the project.

The next step is to submit a copy of your work to us by sound file or CD. Give us a day or so and we will let you know if we can help.